Ceiba’s ceramic products offer excellent performance in instances where traditional materials fail. Ceramic materials have unique qualities that make them suitable for a wide variety of complex environments.

We specialize in precision manufacturing of custom ceramic components as well as structural ceramic parts specifically related to inspection and metrology equipment used in the production of semiconductor wafers, LCD’s and the high-tech electronic industry. We take pride in our ability to manufacture to stringent geometries and flatness tolerances required by our customers.


  • Low Molding Costs
  • Design Freedom (Near-net molding)
  • Size flexibility (Parts exceeding 4m²)
  • Batch flexibility (Prototype to HVM)
  • Part-to-part reproducibility (within 0.2μm)
  • Low thermal expansion

Common Products

  • XY Stage
  • Ultraportable Straight-edge rulers
  • High precision 4-Plane Square Masters
  • Ceramic Surface Plates
  • 3D Ceramaster®
  • Alumina Spheres
  • Customization available…

Manufacturing Capabilities

Parameter Unit
Part Size Exceeding 4m²
Straightness 0.66μm or less over 1m length
Squareness 2.00μm or less over 1m length
Flatness 2.00μm or less over 0.65m length
Manufacturing Image
Cus Ceramics

Ceramic Characteristics

Parameter Unit Value
Material Al2O3
Purity % 99.5 or higher Alumina
Water Absorption % 0
Hardness GPa 16
Flexural Strength MPa 400
Young’s Modulus GPa 390
Poisson’s Ratio 0.24
Facture Toughness MPa•m0.5 3.6
Specific Heat J/(kg•K) 920
Thermal Conductivity W/(m•K) 28
Thermal Expansion Coefficient x 10-6/K 5.7(0~50 °C)
Thermal Shock Temperature °C 200
Permittivity 10.2(1MHz)
Dielectric Dissipation factor tanσΩ 8.2(1MHz)
Volume Specific Resistance Ω•cm 1014(20 °C)
Dielectric Strength kV/mm 12