We specialize in ultra precision carrier manufacturing for double-sided polishing and lapping processes. Our carriers yield the reliability and precision performance demanded by our customers.

We are proud to offer materials with the tightest thickness tolerance variation available in the marketplace (+/- 0.0001″). Our sophisticated and proprietary manufacturing process transforms high quality sheet materials into state-of-the-art carriers. Our overall system flexibility provides customers with highly customized products and services to support their rapidly changing manufacturing environment.

Standard Materials

  • G-10/FR-4 – Glass reinforced epoxy laminate
  • Steel – Metal alloy
  • Steel with Insert – Metal alloy with polymer insert
  • PVC – Vinyl thermoplastic polymer

In addition to our standard material choices, we work with many of our customers to develop new carrier materials to meet the requirements of their polishing operations.

Customized Design

All carriers are custom made specific to your application and can be manufactured with a variety of different thicknesses.


Carriers are also manufactured with a variety of gear configurations and pocket geometries to match the needs of most all applications. We can manufacture carriers to almost any tool, and only require your design parameters to get started.


Common Tool Configurations

  • Hamai®
  • Peter Wolters®
  • SpeedFam®
  • System Seiko®
  • Taiyo®​

Carrier Preparation

Please use the below carrier drawing form to submit any new carrier design requests or changes.

Carrier Drawing Form

Please contact us for additional information.