We manufacture polishing templates utilizing materials already proven in the industry for waxless wafer mounting. Our templates are designed and used to replace traditional methods of wax mounting wafers for single-sided polishing applications.

Our polishing templates are composed of a G-10 fiberglass carrier that is precision machined and specially bonded to a porous backing pad to create a unique holder for the wafer. With our proprietary manufacturing methods and material uniformity characteristics, we are able to offer templates that outperform and provide consistent results.

When compared to traditional wafer wax mounting, polishing templates provide the following benefits:


  • No waxing or de-waxing required
  • Ease of template installation
  • Reduced time to de-mount wafers

All polishing templates come pre-laminated with a pressure sensitive adhesive for proper attachment and adherence to the polishing head.

Customized Design

All templates are custom made specific to your application and can be manufactured with a variety of different pockets depths and dimensions. Our standard pocket depth ranges from 0.004″ (0.10mm) to 0.040″ (1.00mm).


Prior to the manufacture of any templates, CAD drawings are prepared according to your desired design and layout to ensure parts are made to your required specifications.

Backing Pad

FILWEL Backing Inserts

We also supply backing inserts for those who require just the backing pad for their insert polishing needs. These inserts can be used as a direct replacement for many of the standard backing inserts available on the market.

Backing inserts can come in a variety of different shapes and dimensions. From square shapes of wafers to round shapes we do it all. We precision die cut all our backing pad inserts so they meet the dimensions required for a trouble free install.

Template Preparation

Please use the below template drawing form to submit any new template design requests or changes.

Template Drawing Form

Please contact us for additional details.